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Opava, Czech Republic


GMP commercial manufacture

The current GMP commercial manufacture includes the following APIs*

  • Metergolin
  • Methylergometrin hydrogen maleate (Methylergonovin hydrogen maleate)
  • Ergometrin hydrogen maleate (Ergonovin maleate)
  • The synthetic routes developed by Mihulka provides the highest quality materials in terms of purity and stability. All products meet the latest pharmacopoeia requirements.

Mihulka s.r.o.
Mihulka s.r.o.

Non-GMP manufacture

The current non-GMP manufacture includes the following materials

  • Narciclasin
  • Octabase
  • S(+)-2-Amino-1-Butanol
  • Dihydrolysergic acid methyl ester
  • Standards from the Ergot alkaloid family
  • *At present Mihulka is accredited for GMP production of 1.5kg batches